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Vent-Free Logs

Superior Vent-Free Gas Logs elevate the traditional log and fire presentation to a much higher level. The combination of authentic looking hand-painted logs with a massive fire and ember bed allows you to have it all All of these vent-free gas logs are 99% heat efficient, operate during a power outage and can be used in a vented applications as well (optional damper clamped required).

Log boulder mountain

Boulder Mountain

GLOW-RAMP Series Burner with Boulder Mountain Concrete Logs

Log smokey mountain oak

Smokey Mountain

GLOW-RAMP Series Burner with Smokey Mountain Ceramic Fiber Logs

Mossy oak black indoor web 2016

Mossy Oak

MEGA-FLAME Series Burner with Mossy Oak Concrete Logs

Log southern comfort 42

Giant Timbers

MEGA-FLAME Series Burner with Giant Timbers Concrete Logs

Wild timber black web 2016

Wild Timber

TRIPLE-FLAME Series Burner with Wild Timber Concrete Logs

Log massive mixed oak

Massive Mixed Oak

TRIPLE-FLAME Series Burner with Massive Mixed Oak Ceramic Fiber Logs

Log rugged stack oak

Rugged Stack

TRIPLE-FLAME Series Burner with Rugged Stack Concrete Logs

Century oak web 2016

Century Oak

DOUBLE-FLAME Series Burner with Century Oak Concrete Logs

Log golden oak

Golden Oak

DOUBLE-FLAME Series Burner with Golden Oak Ceramic Fiber Logs

Log cresent hill

Crescent Hill

DOUBLE-FLAME Series Burner with Crescent Hill Concrete Logs

Lvd24pp web

Townsend Bark

DOUBLE-FLAME Series Burner with Townsend Bark Ceramic Fiber Logs

Log multisided front


MULTI-SIDED Series Burner with 27" Multi-Sided Ceramic Fiber Logs