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MULTI-SIDED Series Burner with 27" Multi-Sided Ceramic Fiber Logs

Multi sided 1
THE MULTI-SIDED Series is the perfect choice for see through, peninsula, corner and island fireplaces. This Vent-Free Gas Log Heater features “Remote Ready” controls, abundant yellow flames from a dual burner, plus a beautifully styled five piece multi-log design. Unique, clean-burning design provides 99% heating efficiency, which allows you to operate the logs vent-free with the fireplace damper closed.


  • Available in a 27" size
  • For use in fireplaces with multiple openings
  • Two rows of tall dancing yellow flames look great form any angle
  • Highly detailed ceramic fiber five piece multi-log design
  • Millivolt control model is remote ready for optional remote and wall controls
Model FVFM27
Venting Type Vent-Free
Log Size 27"
BTU 20,000 - 39,000
Burner Style Multi-View
Control Type FVFM27
Fuel Type Gas
Log Material Ceramic Fiber
View Style Multi-View
Minimum Fireplace Width 32"
Minimum Fireplace Height 17"
Minimum Fireplace Depth 19"
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
Remote Controls
F1079 tsrc ecoflow remote 386x224 EcoFlow TSRC Remote
F1078 trc remote 386x224 TRC T'stat Remote
Rckit4001 on off 386x224 RCKIT4001 On-Off Remote
Gwmt1 wall mount tstat 386x224 GWMT1 Wall Mount