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Innovative Hearth Products Launches New Brand for Design-build Professionals

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – April 18, 2014 – Innovative Hearth Products (IHP), the manufacturer of Lennox Hearth Products and FMI Products, today unveiled its new corporate identity with the launch of a new brand of products, named Superior, specifically for residential and commercial builders, remodelers, designers, and installers. IHP’s Superior brand comprises advanced indoor and outdoor fireplaces and fireplace systems as well as stoves and inserts. The branding campaign is part of IHP’s strategic initiative to streamline and restructure its collective product lines, following the company’s fall 2012 acquisition by the Comvest Group, which included the merger of Lennox Hearth Products, LLC and FMI Products, LLC.

IHP’s decision to launch the new brand was based upon a corporate objective to provide builders and design professionals with comprehensive and well-cataloged product offerings in distinct categories. The new Superior brand contains the most popular and premium products from the former Lennox Hearth Products, LLC and FMI Products, LLC business entities. IHP’s branding efforts also involve the development of new products and state-of-the-art product technologies.

Under the auspices of IHP, the Superior brand expands the company’s footprint in the specialty hearth manufacturing industry, allowing for a more diverse range of home heating products for builders, remodelers, designers, and installers to specify for residential and commercial projects.

“IHP’s new Superior brand encompasses a full line of fireplaces, stoves and inserts with technologically enhanced features and aesthetics that are designed to provide builders and designers with all-inclusive options for their customers,” says Glenn Thomson, executive vice-president of sales and marketing for IHP.

The Superior brand is categorized by its versatile, utilitarian characteristics and encourages simplicity. The range of products includes direct vent gas fireplaces; vent-free gas fireplace systems; electric fireplaces; and gas inserts, all of which are available in both traditional and contemporary styles.   

In addition, Superior provides builders and designers with an array of wood burning fireplaces; EPA fireplaces; traditional B-vent gas fireplaces; traditional vent-free gas fireboxes; vent-free and vented gas logs; wood burning stoves; and vent-free, B-vent and direct vent gas stoves. Outdoor fireplace products such as wood burning fireplaces; vent-free gas fireplace systems; vent-free gas fireboxes; and gas logs are also available as part of the Superior brand.

The launch of IHP’s Superior brand will be marketed through new a website, brand logo, printed collateral, publicity, promotional opportunities, and advertising campaigns.

“The combination of our new websites, marketing plan, installation guides, and brochures is designed to strategically communicate Superior branded product information to builders and design professionals,” says Thomson.  

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