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Innovative Hearth Products Announces New Vent-Free Fireplace for Design-Build Professionals

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – April 17, 2014 – Innovative Hearth Products (IHP), the manufacturer of Lennox Hearth Products and FMI Products, today announced the introduction of its new Superior VRE4300 vent-free gas fireplace for its design-build customers.

The Superior VRE4300 vent-free gas fireplace is offered in an elegant contemporary style and is constructed from stainless steel, providing weather-resistance. It installs easily in any outdoor space, no chimney required. The VRE4300 features a tall opening and a clean, louverless design for an exceptional view of the flames. It comes with a remarkably detailed charred oak log set that imitates the look of real stacked wood.

The Superior VRE4300 also features a battery-powered intermittent ignition, which ensures reliable operation even during power failure. Available in 36” and 42” models.

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