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Infini-Flame™ Burner

Infini-Flame burner – the development goal was to deliver more flame per Btu than any of our competitors. The end result is an industry leading flame with a fraction of the Btu input

The New Mosaic Masonry™

Our current Mosaic Masonry™ firebrick lining system took traditional site built masonry and simplified it with a snap-lock system for precut bricks and mortar for grouting. Now we are taking it a step further. We have replaced the snap-lock system and box of bricks with already grouted pre-assembled firebrick walls. The finished product offers the same authentic masonry look and is installed in a fraction of the time.

Superior units are ordered complete with brick systems. The pre-engineered walls are affixed to the outside of the unit for shipping. Bricks will continue to be available in full running bond or herringbone patterns in both red and ivory colors.

Learn more about Mosaic Masonry™.

Mosaic masonry
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PureFire is a passive system that can be added to a new or existing wood-burning fireplace to reduced the amount of particulate emissions released into the environment. 

  • Reduces current particulate emissions by approximately 75%.
  • Virtually eliminates carbon monoxide (including CO from gas logs)
  • Installs in less than 45 minutes.
  • Maintenance free – no cleaning or special care required.
  • Aesthetically neutral – you can’t see it after it’s been installed.